About Us


Tris Company is a privately owned company, funded in 1993 with Romanian and Italian owned, until 2010 when it has 100% Romanian capital. The company has as main object of activity production and marketing of handbags, more exactly produce purses from natural and synthetic leather at the highest quality standards. In this sense company has tehnological lines structured in manufacturing flows equipped with modern equipment, wich satisfy the requirements for performance and security.

In 2013 we accessed U.E. Funds, which we acquired high-performance equipment like Laser cutting machine and much more to gain a very efficient production and also a higher degree of quality. Modern equipment and experience in the italian market 1993-1997 made by TRIS a real brand registred in our country and in U.E, especially requested by buyers.

Tris Company produces both for its own brand and for external clients. Our customers are companies from Romania in 40% and the difference of 60% in the worldwide.

We have permanent partnerships with external manufactures, about 90% of the materials and accesories for the bags being imported.


The main objective of our company is to be close to the needs of our clients. Our creative department follows the fashion trends and the consumers expectations and the production itself, is defined by an incrased degree of quality.


S.C. TRIS COMPANY has the factory, the presentation store (showroom) and the administrative office in Amara, Liberty Street, no. 36, about 8 Km from Slobozia, Ialomita. Company has a store inside the Ialomita mall, from Slobozia.